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Emily Knowles

Hello, my name is Emily Knowles.  My love for real estate stems from the character of an old home to the possibilities of a new. 

I’m married to the love of my life and am a mother of two wonderful children. I received a Bachelors Degree in Event Planning and Design from Utah State University and I have worked with great companies to bring their visions to life. I earned my license in real estate in early 2018, however, I have been ingrained with the real estate business from a young age.  Having many real estate agents in my family I can’t begin to number how many times I have heard the three rules of real estate: Location, Location, LOCATION!

My husband and I purchased our house 6 years ago in Bountiful, UT and it was a true fixer-upper!  Over the years we remodeled the entire house and have transformed it into a home, perfectly suited for our family. This life changing experience has created a passion and desire within me to help others to find homes that will allow their families to flourish in the same way.

From my experience with event planning and design as well as my own home renovation, I am a great asset to you and your family to make your real estate needs a reality. If it be selling your home to finding your dream home, let me and our team at Selling Salt Lake help you reach your goal.

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