Heather Robbins

I am an artist and enjoy learning how things are built, so I studied interior design and went on to complete my Associate's degree at LDS Business College. I have always enjoyed working in design, and spent 4 years working for an architectural firm as an interior designer and drafter.


After some great years and experiences in that field, I decided to expand my career to include construction and construction management which led me into land development and project management for Rio Tinto.  

All of these skills have come together in helping my real estate clients:

•    Buy and sell properties
•    Refurbish and remodel homes and investments, and
•    Stage, repair and update projects to get them picture perfect and market ready.

I love helping people see the potential in their current or future home. And I feel honored to be able to represent my clients in the pursuit of the perfect home scenario for now and tomorrow. 

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