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Heather Robbins brings a unique skillset to her role as a licensed Realtor. Heather has a degree in interior design, but has also spent time working in construction, architecture and land development, and is even a licensed handyman. So while she loves all things beautiful, she also loves a sturdy foundation. This viewpoint helps her provide her clients with the best possible experience when looking for their next home. and when getting ready to sell their existing home. 


Purchasing a home will likely be the largest financial investment that you make, but your home should also feel amazing. Heather's knowledge of real estate, architecture, design and construction means she can make recommendations that will maximize the value and comfort of both the home you are selling and the home you are buying. In this way, she serves to transform your space from a house to a sanctuary - somewhere to retreat when you crave comfort and restoration.


Heather strives to support her clients before, during and after a real estate transaction. Before the transaction, Heather will take time to educate you on the process, and spend time considering all your options. Throughout the transaction, Heather will serve as your guide to navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home. During negotiations, Heather will leverage her varied expertise to get the best outcome for you. Afterwards, she is always available for a quick market assessment, a recommendation for a licensed contractor or as a second eye for some updates you are considering. Of course, she's always up to grab some chai tea too; after all, you'll have spent lots of time together by this point.


If you are ready to move on and begin the next phase of your life - whether that means buying a home, selling a home or both - Heather is standing by, ready to help you move forward and find your sanctuary.


Heather is an agent of Selling Salt Lake in South Jordan, Utah. You can find her on Facebook under Sanctuary Homes by Heather with Selling Salt Lake. 

Heather Robbins

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