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Merilee Rowley

Back in the late 90s, if you happened to be dining at the Red Robin in Murray, Utah, you may have been unfortunate enough to be seated in the back of the restaurant in an area known as the “Alley.” Consisting of only four tables, the management used the Alley as a training ground for new servers as it was close to a drink station, a computer and the kitchen. As soon as new servers learned their skills well enough they were transferred to bigger, and more profitable, areas of the restaurant. After 10 months of faithful service, Merilee still hadn’t made it out of the Alley.

After a history of not being able to figure out the iced tea machine, mixing up orders, losing money and spilling drinks on people (after which she stated, “We only give you one drink, so I don’t know what you’re going to do now.”) Merilee decided the restaurant business wasn’t for her and moved on to bigger and better things.

Five years later Merilee and her family found themselves with a house that no longer fit. After doing some research and examining all their options, they stuck a sign in the yard and were ready to sell. Eighteen looooooong months later after keeping the house clean every day, showing it on a moment’s notice and never hearing from any potential buyers again, they decided that something had to change. So Merilee started the process of becoming a Realtor. Six months later the house was sold for the right price and a new career was launched.

After years of working diligently showing, buying and selling properties (only two of which were “a little bit haunted”) throughout Salt Lake City and Utah County and the surrounding metro areas, Merilee earned her broker’s license and shortly thereafter GateHouse Real Estate Company was born.   GateHouse Real Estate Company re-emerged as Selling Salt Lake in 2012.

Being a Realtor has turned out to be the best job ever for Merilee. She loves to meet new people, show properties and handle all the details, paper work , phone calls and research that make up every successful deal. She has turned out to be surprisingly detail oriented, great at communication and fiercely devoted to her clients and their needs. She will happily help you find the house of your dreams, sell the house you are ready to leave, and navigate you through the mine field of potential problems that are part of any real estate transaction. She is smart and fun with a sense of humor that will smooth over the inevitable problems and make you glad you chose her. Just don’t ask her to make you any iced tea.


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