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Monica Matthews

I am passionate about providing amazing service to my clients. To me, this means extensive knowledge of real estate and current market trends, excellent and timely communication and pure focus on my client’s needs above all else. I realize there are a lot of agents to choose from and I also realize they are not all the same.

My business philosophy is to have integrity in all things I do, never lose my cool or sense of humor, build quality and lifelong relationships and strive to be the type of agent that I needed when I purchased my first home.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, I was a National Sales Director and Trainer for many years. I enjoyed the opportunity to travel, trained hundreds of people, became a professional speaker, wrote business books and helped startup businesses and franchises develop. But, I always had becoming a Realtor as a goal in mind.
Throughout the years I had several people mention that they could “see me” as a Realtor. I think my love of house hunting, energetic personality and attention to detail seemed like a natural fit.

During the process of purchasing our first home, selling it several years later and purchasing our second home, there were many things I learned from the experience and I paid close attention to the details and how our real estate agents worked. I also loved the process of looking for a house!

When the opportunity finally arose, I left my corporate job and began the process of living my dream! I studied through an intense training course called “Journey to Mastery”, which took me on a year long course to study Real Estate, and I gained invaluable knowledge and training. This gave me a huge advantage in working with other agents.

I truly enjoy the process of helping my clients with real estate. Whether it’s helping my buyers find their dream homes or the process of listing a home, I take pride in making the process as smooth as possible. I love what I do and I’m confident in my skills as a Realtor. I am a skilled negotiator, I value honesty, attention to detail and excellent and frequent communication.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, I’m a graduate of the University of Utah and an active member of the community. I live in Cottonwood Heights with my husband, two kids and my dog. I spend my free time with my family, hiking, swimming, riding ATV’s or any outdoor activity. I volunteer in the community, teach 1st Time Home Buyer classes and spend time helping small businesses grow their social media sites.

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