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Ron Nelson

Ron Nelson

The journey to become a real estate agent happened quickly for Ron in 1978. After schooling and after marrying the love of his life, Sharon, Ron received a call from his brother Kent telling him of a job possibility with a land developer in Utah County.

Ron went and met with Cleo Mann who had a large inventory of building lots, but NO buyers. 238 building lots. He needed someone who would reach out to every builder along the Wasatch Front and find a way to get his lots sold. Until most of these lots were sold, Cleo had capped out his ability to develop new properties, so the pressure was on!

While showing Ron the plats of 6 different developments, Cleo received a call from his wife and had to leave the office to take care of a family emergency. Cleo told Ron that he would return within the hour and encouraged Ron to make himself familiar with the properties, and then have questions for him when he returned. Ten minutes after Cleo’s departure, the phone at the office rang. Ron did not answer. The phone rang immediately again and this time Ron answered thinking it might be Mr. Mann. The voice on the other end of the line communicated that he was interested in some lots at one of the properties that was shown in the packet. Without really thinking, Ron asked the caller if he would like to meet, and just like that Ron had an appointment 30 minutes later with this man at a place he had never visited, and knew nothing about. With no way to reach Cleo, Ron wrote a quick note and was off.

Ron arrived to the appointment late…no cell phone to call or text of his late arrival. Remember, it was 1978. When he finally arrived at the property in the Provo River Bottoms Ron met Dale Nish. After walking the property for about an hour, Dale let Ron know he trusted Ron and that he was interested in purchasing 15 lots. He took the only plat map of the subdivision Ron had, and marked in blue Ink the lots he wanted. He then asked if Ron wanted to write the offer up then or on the following Monday evening. Of course Ron chose Monday evening. He had no idea what the process was, and he prayed that Cleo would bail him out.

Returning to the office he found Cleo locking up. Cleo couldn’t read the note and assumed it said that Ron was not interested in the position. Ron told him the story of the last hour, and Cleo was dumbfounded. He had tried for the last 7 months to get one lot sold…15 brought literal tears to his eyes. Ron was hired!

Monday came, and Dale brought along his friend Stan who was also a developer. Stan signed up for 16 lots that day, and two contracts were written. 41 days later (just 2 days after Ron earned his Real Estate license) all 31 lots were sold along with 9 others to another builder, and the rest is history. Ron sold all but 16 of those lots, which Cleo decided to keep for himself.  That was 38 years ago, and Ron still calls many of those buyers and colleagues his friends.

After his time in Utah County, Ron was recruited to a position at Marcus & Millichap (Commercial Brokerage) in Denver. He was there for just over two years when he returned to Utah to take a position as acquisitions and leasing manager for Peterson Gasser & Associates.

He has loved each opportunity and the education he has received along the journey, but decided to leave the real estate profession to start up his own company which specialized in engraving in metals–mostly copper– and he created Kopper Kard Company. If you own a copper engraved post card there is a high probability that Ron had something to do with it. His last project with Kopper Kard company was to produce the limited edition CD packaging for Madonna “2000”, which won a Grammy for best CD cover, and for a limited edition set of records for the Grateful Dead.

After 18 years he backed away from this company he loved for health reasons, and was excited to return to real estate after a few years working to get his health back. Since then Ron has worked for CDC Construction, where Ron sold mainly to new friends wanting elegance in gated and maintained communities. As the market was going south in 2008 and 2009 Ron was asked to join Bangerter Homes and has been their Marketing Director until November 1, 2015.

Ron now takes his experience and joins with Merilee Rowley (they became friends when Ron helped the Rowleys build their fabulous new home) and her team to continue to provide great customer service and expertise as he meets new friends. Ron and his wife, Shar, have 5 children. He loves good books, athletic events, his daily workouts so he can eat ice cream, and time with family. And especially, Ron loves seeing the dreams of his clients come true.

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